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    About Us

What’s in a name?…

Synaptic – To connect 

For years customer’s have asked for the story behind the name, Synaptic 3 Performance.  What does Synaptic 3 Stand for?  Well the name actually has multiple meanings.  Synapic 3 Performance started life as a partnership between 3 passionate individuals.  That’s explains the 3, but what about Synaptic?  Well, at the root of it all, Synaptic, means to connect.  The connection between friends to start a business.  The connection between Synaptic 3 and our customers.  The connection between man, machine, and the road ahead.  The human internal nervous system facilitating our to our need to go faster.  Every weld, nut, and bolt, all connected…


What to Expect

What you can expect when contracting us for a major project…

1. We will stay in constant communication with you throughout the design/build process.

2. You will receive weekly updates regarding the status and work performed on your vehicle.

3. You will be billed incrementally as the project progresses. This accomplishes two things; one, that you are kept abreast of your project’s progression and two, there are no billing surprises at the latter stages of the project.

4. Some projects require design research and although this is a billable expense we use this time not only to select a path but also to make sure that the way that we approach a particular build is appropriate for the ultimate goal of the project.

5. Where possible we will value engineer the project. Even if a client tells us cost is no object we still push to use only what’s necessary to “overbuild” within reason.

Things You Can Take For Granted

We will treat your vehicle as if it were our own…Ok actually better; our own cars are typically in various stages of experimental prototyping for something.

We know that the true mettle of a company is measured by how we handle difficult situations not the easy ones. We’ll do whatever we can to make your customer experience a pleasant one. We’re not happy – until you’re happy enough to rave about our service!

Our Facility

Mustang MD-AWD-SE Dynomometer
6ft x 10ft CNC Plasma Table
Ravaglioli Alignment System
Drive On Alignment Rack
Multiple lifts
Longacre Scales
Bridgeport Milling Machine
Heavy Engine Lathe
Hardage Precision Lathe
Rockwell Power-feed Drill Press
Hydraulic Tubing Bender
Mig & Tig welding equipment
Plasma Cutter
Band Saw
Clemco Media Blaster
Industrial Parts washer
And much, much more…