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    About Us

What’s in a name?…

Synaptic – To connect 

For years customer’s have asked for the story behind the name, Synaptic 3 Performance.  What does Synaptic 3 Stand for?  Well the name actually has multiple meanings.  Synapic 3 Performance started life as a partnership between 3 passionate individuals.  That’s explains the 3, but what about Synaptic?  Well, at the root of it all, Synaptic, means to connect.  The connection between friends to start a business.  The connection between Synaptic 3 and our customers.  The connection between man, machine, and the road ahead.  The human internal nervous system facilitating our to our need to go faster.  Every weld, nut, and bolt, all connected…

What to Expect

What you can expect when contracting us for a major project…

1. We will stay in constant communication with you throughout the design/build process.

2. You will be billed incrementally as the project progresses. This accomplishes two things; one, that you are kept abreast of your project’s progression and two, there are no billing surprises at the latter stages of the project.

3. Some projects require design research and although this is a billable expense we use this time not only to select a path but also to make sure that the way that we approach a particular build is appropriate for the ultimate goal of the project.

4. Where possible we will value engineer the project. Even if a client tells us cost is no object we still push to use only what’s necessary to “overbuild” within reason.

Things You Can Take For Granted

We will treat your vehicle as if it were our own…Ok actually better; our own cars are typically in various stages of experimental prototyping for something.

We know that the true mettle of a company is measured by how we handle difficult situations not the easy ones. We’ll do whatever we can to make your customer experience a pleasant one. We’re not happy – until you’re happy enough to rave about our service!

Our Facility

Mustang MD-AWD-SE Dynomometer
6ft x 10ft CNC Plasma Table
Ravaglioli Alignment System
Drive On Alignment Rack
Multiple lifts
Longacre Scales
Bridgeport Milling Machine
Heavy Engine Lathe
Hardinge Precision Lathe
Rockwell Power-feed Drill Press
Hydraulic Tubing Bender
Mig & Tig welding equipment
Plasma Cutter
Band Saw
Clemco Media Blaster
Industrial Parts washer
And much, much more…

Policies & Rates

Labor Rates & Payment Terms:

Our billing policy: We bill incrementally for labor completed each week or month depending on the scope of work and our discretion. Our standard shop rate is $205/hr and we are an hourly/time and materials based shop. We are NOT a flat rate shop. We offer a discounted labor rate of $185/hr if you buy your parts exclusively though our shop. All invoices are due immediately upon receipt. Failure to pay invoices in full within 5 days of receipt will result in additional fees of 2% per day being incurred. All parts are to be paid 100% in full prior to ordering and all related shipping charges will apply at time of procurement.

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. If you choose to pay with a credit card you will add a 3.5% convenience fee.

Dyno Waiver:
If your vehicle requires dyno tuning or dyno diagnostics you must fill out our dyno waiver here…(http://www.synaptic3.com/dyno-waiver/)

Vehicle Storage:

If you require your vehicle to be stored inside you must make arrangements with us. Most vehicles are $225/mo (based on vehicle length) to be stored inside, otherwise your vehicle will be kept outside in our parking lot.

Any completed vehicle left on the premises after 5 days will incur a storage charge of $45/per day unless prior arrangements have been made for inside storage.

Vehicles, motors, or parts are not released from the shop until all invoices are paid for in full.

Final payment cannot be via personal check unless it clears in advance.

Forms of payment Accepted

Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

There will be a $50 surcharge for all returned checks.

We can source just about any automotive performance part and we can match pricing with reputable online merchants.

All special order parts must be paid for in advance.

Synaptic 3 Performance strongly advises against customers procuring their own parts. We have many years of experience and know what works best and what does not. Many aftermarket parts do not fit property with OEM parts. Certain aftermarket parts do not compliment, fit, or work well with other 3rd party parts. There are many poor quality and counterfeit parts on the market. We understand that everyone is eager to find the best deal, or likes the process of selecting parts. However, we have found that more often than not, going the least expensive route costs the customer more money in the long run. Use our expertise and recommendations. Do it right the first time.

Regarding aftermarket parts labor costs: We are often asked why the labor is sometimes so time consuming for parts that are considered bolt-on upgrades. To that we say, yes, they go on with nuts and bolts. However, that doesn’t guarantee they fit as intended. So again use our expertise and recommendations but keep in mind that 3rd party aftermarket parts even from reputable companies are not always subject to the same rigorous QC processes as OEM parts. Also, tolerance stack is a real issue. Even OEM parts have a tolerance. If you have an aftermarket part toward one side of that tolerance window it may not fit without modification. There’s no way to know if there will be a fitment issue until the parts are bolted into the car.

Under no circumstances is Synaptic 3 Performance responsible for any parts provided or used and there is no warranty on these parts. We recommend and procure parts from the most reputable companies in the industry. However Synaptic 3 Performance cannot be held liable for other manufacturers part defects, quality control, or fitment issues. Any labor charges associated with these issues are the customers responsibility. In the event there is a problem with a component from a manufacturer we carry that need replacing we will do everything in our power to have that part repaired or replaced via the manufacturer. We can only do this if you acquired the parts through us.


All returns must be done within 30 days of the purchase date. Parts must be unused and in original packaging to be eligible for return.

The customer is responsible for any shipping costs associated with returning the part to us or the manufacturer plus any re-stocking fees.

Refunds will be processed once we or the manufacturer receives the part in satisfactory condition.

There are no returns/refunds on turbo kits, motors, and other built-to-order items.

There are no refunds given on jobs once work has started/parts are ordered on a project that the customer has approved.


Synaptic 3 Performance stands behind every vehicle we build.

Any issue that is suspected to be a result of an error on our side must be presented to Synaptic 3 Performance immediately when the issue is discovered. We reserve the right to evaluate and fix the issue at our discretion. If we’ve made an error that we believe ultimately lead to a part or motor failure we will fix or replace those components at our cost. The vehicle, motor, or part must be brought directly to Synaptic 3 Performance. We will not honor diagnosis by other shops or self diagnosis. We do not reimburse for labor performed elsewhere. Damage to Synaptic 3 Performance built motors during tuning by 3rd parties shall not be covered under warranty.

Synaptic 3 Engine Warranty Rules and Regulations

Synaptic 3 Performance is confident in our products and services and we proudly stand behind our workmanship. We warranty our rebuilt motor installation for our labor and parts against installation-related defects for a 12months/12,000 mile period (whichever comes first). Mazda warranties their Remanufactured/New motors for parts against assembly-related defects for 12 months/12,000 miles (whichever comes first). If there is an issue with the engine that was due to an error on our behalf during the machining, assembly, or in-house installation process, you will be covered.

Synaptic 3 Short Block Warranty Limitations are as follows
1. Warranty applies only to short block components manufactured and assembled by Synaptic 3 Performance.
2. Warranty does not extend to any other part of the engine, turbocharger, accessories, or vehicle in which the engine is installed.
3. Warranty coverage excludes any and all labor expenses related to engine removal and replacement.
4. Warranty coverage excludes any and all labor expenses or components (i.e. gaskets, fluids, etc.) needed for reassembly and reinstallation.
5. Warranty is only offered if the short block is professionally installed.
6. Proof of proper maintenance is the owner’s responsibility.
7. All parts used in the assembly of the Synaptic 3 build short block carry the manufacturer’s individual component warranties. No warranty is expressed or implied for any customer-supplied components.
8. Customer is responsible for initiating a warranty claim with Synaptic 3 directly.
9. Customer is responsible for any and all shipping, transportation and handling costs to return the engine to our facility.
10. The customer will be held responsible for all engine tear down costs for claims deemed insufficient and/or invalid.

Synaptic 3 Performance reserves the right to void any engine warranty. Circumstances that void our warranty are listed but not limited those found below.

Detonation due to old gas, bad gas, or low octane gas
(If your car is overheating, DO NOT continue to drive it! That’s a sure fire way to cause damage beyond repair)
Over revving the engine
Detonation due to lean conditions or improper ignition timing
Racing or off-road use
Examples of actions that will void your warranty:
Having your car tuned by anyone other than an Synaptic 3 approved shop with a professional tuner
Having your car worked on by anyone other than an Synaptic 3 approved specialty shop
Not performing our Regular Maintenance Schedule
Not following our Engine Break-in Schedule
Damage cause to the motor due to improper installation or service
Having another shop remove, tamper with, or disassemble an Synaptic 3 Performance motor will immediately void the warranty without question.

Further Synaptic 3 Short Block Warranty does NOT cover
Engine damage or failure incurred by improper installation, improper or insufficient break in, improper or inadequate tuning, overly aggressive or dangerous tuning parameters, user negligence, improper or inadequate maintenance, failure to maintain proper type and level of fluids, fuel, oil and lubricants, abuse, alteration, over-rev, overheat, detonation, hydro-lock, short block and cylinder head casting flaw or failure, oil starvation, fuel starvation, normal wear and tear maintenance items, accident damage, foreign object ingestion, etc.

Tuning Disclaimer

Every car must brought to us for inspection prior to tuning to ensure the vehicle is safe and has no obvious pre-existing conditions when applicable. With all tuning there is some assumed degree of risk by the owner of the vehicle. Engines fail even at the highest levels of motorsports. These are high-performance modified cars and there are many variables and possible conditions that can lead to failure. Synaptic 3 Performance is not responsible for engine or vehicle damage that results from tuning, nor is Synaptic 3 Performance responsible for engine or vehicle damage that occurs if a customer chooses to have their vehicle tuned by a 3rd party.

Synaptic 3 Performance
a division of RAD Motorsports LLC