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    When it comes to making a car handle well it comes down to contact patch management. Our goal is to maximize the contact patch interface with the earth surface. We accomplish this through the use of our sophisticated Ravaglioli alignment machine and corner weight scales.


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    Synaptic 3 Performance

    Motorsports Fabrication Specialists

    If you’re looking to go fast you’ve come to the right place... We specialize in forced induction applications at a multitude of levels from track to street.


No Excuses!

It’s either done right or not at all! We have a vast array of equipment at our disposal as well as contacts in specialized fields that help us flush out design ideas.

No matter what, we’ll point you in the right direction. Most of all we’ll assist you in keeping that shiny side up!

Grasp The Wheel, Squeeze The Throttle, Feel The Rush.  Like you, it’s in our blood!

Synaptic 3 Performance…connected to your Core!

Who We Are…

For over a decade Synaptic 3 Performance has been designing, building, and tuning some of the northeasts most formidable street, race, and show cars.  Cars are our passion, and we love the process of making our customers ideas become reality or better yet, to inspire them to see what’s possible.  We’ll always ask customers, “what do you plan to do with the car”  It seems like a benign question, but the answers helps us mold and develop a car built specifically for your goals.  We call it; Purpose Built!

What’s Your Purpose?